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Barb and Fiddle Barb and Fiddle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The violin 'pet' is so creative! And great job with the execution, it's so clean and the character design is clear and simple with great colour choices.

Cortexiphan7 responds:

Thank you! I didn't want to go with a typical "pet" or the standard medieval knight as the hero. Thought a bard and an instrument could make an interesting pair.

Celtic Girl and her Pet Chicken Celtic Girl and her Pet Chicken

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The week's worth of work shows through! Nice clean piece, and I love the style and the interaction between the characters. I think some light on them would be good though to make them stand out from the sun in the background.

RedCloudDragon responds:

Thanks! Yeah I tried to balance the background and the character a lot. I made the area foggy and a little unsaturated in the background where the characters are to make them pop out more but il definitely keep that in mind! If I had more time I would have unsaturated the farther into the background it goes and add some blur to create a depth of field. In the next challenge or artwork I make I hope to use what I learned in this piece to improve. I see actually a lot of things I would love to edit or improve now that I look at it. My chicken doesn't pop out enough, a bit too flat and his color is too close to that of my female hero. I also have a lot of problems drawing faces so that's also an area to improve. ^_^' Thanks for the tips!